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This was just so damn good. The entire novel felt like one great big action sequence, as Iggulden captured the desperate, and crucial, nature of the fighting superbly. It was violent and intense; it was clever and brutal, more importantly though, it was careful. Edward and Warwick knew that their future and the continuing existence of their houses rested on this conflict. They couldn’t lose: they couldn’t make a mistake. So they didn’t. The sons truly have been unleashed -King Edward VI and Earl Warwick (from the White Queen)In his final moments, Richard Duke of York had the right of things. He knew his demise wouldn’t change a great deal. His son could simply take on the role of head of the house and carry on the bloody war. The sons can take vengeance for their father’s defeat. They are now the leaders of vast armies and they want blood: they want revenge on the house of Lancaster. So, they proclaim Edward King of England, and contest the weak King of house Lancaster: Henry VI. The white rose is set to face the red once again. The action that commenced was as epic and turbulent as these historical times. Iggulden describes battlefields perfectly. It almost feels like your there witnessing the events. I still attest he is one of the best historical fiction author’s at this particular aspect of writing. I stormed through these parts of the book, as Edward stormed his enemies with sword in hand. Pages seemed to fly like the arrows of the English longbow. I do love a good historical novel, and this is easily the best one in this series so far. The broken bonds of war So Warwick and Edward set out what they achieved to do; they won a crown and avenged both their fathers, but now that the fighting has finished, and so politicking begins. Edward is now king and Warwick is left with the task of trying to manage a headstrong youth who thinks he knows how to rule. He doesn’t listen to his friends and in the end terns him against himself. He doesn’t appreciate what he has done for him in the past; he doesn’t reward Warwick enough for his service and backs the Woodville faction. Had he more sense, he would have kept such a powerful friend, and such a dangerous enemy, much closer. His loss wasn’t worth the gain of the Woodville family. It’s like exchanging gold for copper. It is no wonder why tension begins to rise between the two. Edward makes Warwick look the fool in France. But, he did only marry for love. I think in this the self-serving and fickle nature of each family shines through the writing. Everybody is out for themselves. The Woodville’s wanted power, and to destroy those that got in-between them and the king; thus, another bloody chapter in the Wars of the Roses begins. It will be interesting to see how Iggulden handles the fall of the Kingmaker (Earl Warwick) and the murder of the Duke of Clarence. I’m looking forward to the end of this series, at the bloody field of Bosworth with the last charge of the final Plantagenet King: Richard III. War of the Roses series:1. Stormbird-An interesting four stars 2. Trinity A bloody four stars3. Bloodline- A strong four stars

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